Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mego Thor action figure

Mego Spider-Man action figure

Misc. Marvel Comics Mego action figures

Mego Hulk figure

Mego Fantastic Four figures

Medusa Third Eye blacklight poster

Marvel Comics Marx figures

Marvel Comics face stickers

Marvel Comics sticker sheets

Merry Marvel Marchings Society sticker sheet

Misc. Marvel Comics Slurpee cups

Marvel Flyer toy: X-Men's Angel

Misc. Marvel Comics buttons

Make Mine Marvel button

Merry Marvel Marching Society mailing envelope and logo

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Galactus print by Jack Kirby

Thor button

Iron Man cardboard standup

Hulk cardboard standup

Hulk Superhero Club button

Hulk button

Hulk belt buckle

Hela and Odin Third Eye blacklight poster

F.O.O.M. membership kit items

Spider-Man board game


Merry Marvel Marching Society membership card

Doctor Doom poster by Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four Third Eye blacklight poster

Doctor Strange Third Eye blacklight poster

Captain America board game

Marvel Comics character stickers

Black Bolt Third Eye blacklight poster

Steve Ditko Spider-Man portfolio art

Doctor Strange pinup poster

Doctor Strange Third Eye blacklight poster